Mr. Gregory Shamboko:

An accountant by profession and a holder of a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Zambia. He has vast experience in Banking and Micro financing having worked for Standard Chartered Bank as a credit officer and Unity Finance as Manager.


Mrs. Hetty Chisenga

A business administrator by profession and currently pursuing a degree in the same profession and has good experience in debt collection and management.


Eliya Mvula

An Economist by profession and well vested in financial and economic analysis, investments, risks management, sales and marketing.

Director Qualifications

Gregory Shamboko B. Econ,BAC. Accountancy 11 years (Sales, Marketing, Finance and Accounting)
Hetty Chisenga Dip. Business Administration 7 years (debt management)
Eliya Mvula B. Econ, Risk Management, Accounting for Managers 13 years (Financial & Economic Analysis, Risk Management, Sales and Marketing)
Vivian Mwansa B.Human Resource 25 years (Human Resource Management)